Our mission is to declare truth to a generation that is steeped in confusion and deception.
We believe that winning our generation to Christ will not happen by conforming to it, but by transformational discipleship that first begins in us.
If we succeed in making genuine disciples of Christ, then the spiritual revival and awakening we yearn for will be realized.

New series

When Jesus called us as disciples, He never intended for our witness to be camouflaged. In a culture where it is much easier to blend in and be spiritual wallflowers, we are called to be radically different. Faith is supposed to be the evidence of things not seen, but sadly our faith often doesn't stretch past our beliefs. We want this to change in us, and we desire to be different. Beginning January 13th, the CCO Young Adults will be going through the book of James, and seeking to discover what genuine faith in Christ looks like, and how it will impact those around us.

We will explore God's Word together each Thursday night, have follow up small group discussion and live Q & A. We hope you will join us as we go through James - #FaithMadeVisible

Thursday nights at 7pm

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Young Adults Spring Retreat 2022

When Jesus gave His famous command to His followers to "Go therefore" into all the world and make disciples, He never intended for them to be alone on this mission. He also gave the Promise of the Holy Spirit who would be God indwelling them to empower them for life as disciples and to complete the work He began. In today’s church culture, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of seeking to accomplish God's work without the power and leading of the Holy Spirit. Man's wisdom and resources abound, but God is calling His Church to return to Him and not rely on our own power and initiative.

This June, you are invited to join the Young Adults for a weekend at Pine Valley Conference Center, as we seek to freshly discover God’s purpose for sending the Holy Spirit. Is there ongoing sin and compromise that you are struggling to overcome? Are you battling a lethargic prayer life? Do you lack boldness and zeal to speak and testify of Christ to others? Jesus did not intend His followers to be anemic, but instead to be dynamic, filled with power that He alone can provide. But God is not a force to wield, He is a Lord to surrender to. To the humble heart and empty vessel, He still speaks the same declaration He gave to His church nearly 2000 years ago, “Receive Power”.

Pine Valley Bible Conference Center
June 3-5, 2022

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