Our mission is to declare truth to a generation that is steeped in confusion and deception.
We believe that winning our generation to Christ will not happen by conforming to it, but by transformational discipleship that first begins in us.
If we succeed in making genuine disciples of Christ, then the spiritual revival and awakening we yearn for will be realized.

New series

COLOSSIANS - Christ Over Religion 
June 15 - Oct 12, 2023

Religion was never meant to save us. Many people have sadly been placed through the grinder of systematic religiosity and have never truly been introduced to the God of the Bible. It’s possible to be taught laws and principles to live by, but never actually know God. Many find themselves disenfranchised and disappointed with God or church, because man has failed them or gotten in the way somehow. Is there more to knowing God than just learning about rules? How can we draw near to God without being suffocated by stuffy religion?

If you have a sour taste in your mouth towards God, it could be because you’ve been drinking man’s bad wine. When Jesus came on the scene, He promised to bring abundant life, make all things new, and set us free by His truth. It’s through Jesus that we understand the entire Word of God, both old and new. It’s through Jesus Christ that we truly break free from the law of sin and death, and have a genuine relationship with God. Where man and law has failed, Christ has prevailed.

Beginning June 15th, the CCO Young Adults will be going through a series in Colossians, to learn how Christ is superior to religion in every way. We’ll be learning about who Christ is, and who we are in Him. We’ll come to understand just exactly what it means to have our spiritual identity wrapped up in Christ and nothing else. We hope you’ll join us as we pursue Christ, over religion.

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