Jeff schubert

Everybody’s got their story…here’s a bit of mine.
Burned into my memory is one specific Sunday morning at church sitting in the far back of my High School class (the place I liked to mess around with friends). What was so powerful on this particular Sunday, as I was semi-watching my Youth Pastor share God’s Word with the group, I remember it was as if time stopped for one moment and I heard God say, “That’s going to be you up front someday.” I was 16 then, and it was going to be 3 years of fighting God before I would surrender my will for His and pursue this calling to ministry.

In 1987, after completing our ministry education in Southern California at Biola University/Talbot Seminary (me with an MDiv & Cindy with a BA in education), we got married and moved to Amsterdam, Holland. This would be the first of 3 church-plants God directed us to help pastor. The other two locations I served as an Associate Pastor were in Pleasanton, CA and Plymouth, MN.
During this time, Cindy and I collected (all right, Cindy gave birth to) 4 amazing kids. Jessica, Kylie, Zach & Taylor. As adult children today, they continue to amaze us.

After serving vocationally in ministry with these 3 separate church-starts over the first 10+ years of our marriage, we felt God encouraging us to take some time to evaluate our busy lives and future ministry. We returned to Cindy’s hometown of Fairfield, CA with the intent of taking a short break and wait on God for direction to our next ministry location. During this time, I was doing some heartfelt evaluation of my ministry philosophy and vision for the Church. We also wanted to spend more time with our young children. Honestly, we thought God would take a few months or maybe a year before he would give us our next church-plant. But God had other plans.

Fast-forward 22 years!
While waiting on God for our next ministry position, I started working in the marketplace to pay the bills. I was also very engaged as a lay pastor at our home church (the church Cindy’s parents started 40 years earlier). Yes, I married a pastor’s kid (PK).
Well, during those 22 years, God was incredibly faithful to us. He provided great job opportunities to help us survive the high cost of raising 4 kids in California. Daily, God impressed on Cindy and me the importance to pour into our kids as our first church... (and now our grandkids too).  God used this time to expand my love for Him and His Church.
In 2016 God lead us to be a part of the CCO family. We love our Church. And in 2019, I was asked to join the Pastoral team as High School Pastor (I know, I laughed too when Pastor Dan asked me). Sincerely though, I’m privileged to serve the HS students here at CCO.  
I can’t help but think back to that day in sitting in my HS class at 16; hearing God clearly say, “That’s going to be you upfront someday Jeff!”  
We serve a faithful God…
“For your steadfast love is before my eyes, and I walk in Your faithfulness” – Ps. 26:3