Calvary 101 Class

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God has called us to be more than 'just' Christians. He has called us to be Disciples. A Disciple is a diligent follower and learner. If is all about seeking after God with passion in every area of our lives... To love God with all our heart, with all our mind and with all our strength.

Taught by Pastor Michael Pallotto the Calvary 101 Class is focused on responding to the call of discipleship, to find where to fit in and serve faithfully and with dilligence! In this 4 week class you will learn the A, B, C, D and E's of a believer:

  • A (A-Men) - The basics of Prayer
  • B (Bibles) - The importance of God's Word
  • C (Church) - The importance of Fellowship
  • D (Discipleship) - The importance of Discipleship
  • E (Evangelism) - The importance of Evangelism

We invite all people to join whether you are new in Christ, or you are new at Calvary Chapel Oceanside! This is a great way to get plugged in!

Pastor MIchael Pallotto
[760] 754-1234 Ext. 231