Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.

1 Corinthians 16:13

What is the Manup Mission?
Manup exists to be the primary vessel of leadership training for the men of CCO.
Our desire is to equip the men of the Church to spiritually lead their homes and
families and to recover Biblical manhood in our generation.
We believe if you can win the men, the family will follow.
Virtual and In Person @ 7:00pm
Contact your group leader for more info on how you’ll virtually connect.

Forged- The making of a man of god

The ManUp brotherhood is being called to the anvil in our new series “Forged”. In many ways our lives are like raw metal in the hands of a Master Blacksmith. The fire of His forge is glowing with redemptive purity, and with purpose and destiny He wields the Divine Hammer in our lives to forge us into the godly character of Christ. Through the crushing blows of life’s defeats to the triumphs of victory, He is shaping us on His anvil. In the life of David, we see such a clear representation of this process as God forges Him in the fires of affliction and testing. David’s life is one of victory and defeat, trial and triumph. Through His journey as a shepherd, psalmist and king, he was sharpened into a “Man after God’s own heart”. There are life lessons and character formation that can only be embedded within us on the anvil of God. This is the Master’s method for the Making of a Man of God. This is the Blacksmith’s desire for each of us, that we might be Forged.

The Forge will light January 25th
Mondays | 7PM | Virtual and In Person Groups Available
Materials can be purchased for $15 through ManUp

manup media

ManCamp!! Calling the Men of CCO to join the adventure this year at Pine Valley Bible Conference Center. With an ever changing society, turbulent social climate and impending pressure on the Church, we as men need to be equipped spiritually and practically to stand for Jesus and lead our families. There will be practical and spiritual workshops, and each man will be able to choose his own weekend adventure, engage with other men, and be a part of a ManCamp Squad for fellowship and accountability. Get the Survival Skills you need.

postponed until 2021

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