marriage verse

Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Marriage is one of God's most beautiful creations and is given as a picture of Christ's sacrificial love for the Church. I know a place where I am forgiven when I make a mistake, a place where I belong, it’s called the Family.

Valentines DATe night

Class will be Feb14
Thurs. 6pm ONLINE

Enjoy the evening with your Valentine in the comfort and safety of your own home with a couple's paint party on Sunday, February 14th. Express your inner artist and create your own personal Picasso as we are guided step by step via Zoom by a professional painter. No talent required; every artistic level is welcome.
All supplies are included and will be available for pick up at the tables on the weekend of February 13th & 14th.

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YOU AND ME FOREVER - Marriage Class

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Class will be Jan 7th -Feb 11th
Thurs. 7pm ONLINE

Do you ever feel like your spouse is speaking in a foreign language? Do you know when to talk and when to clam up? Do you long to experience a stronger relationship and better communication in your marriage? Get ready to crack the code of your personal talk styles in order to speak the other’s language like never before with the upcoming Love Talk Marriage Class.
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The class is free but you will need:

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 Join anytime!
Class will be Feb 25th - March 25th
Thurs. 7pm ONLINE

Marriage is hard. There's no way to get around it. When two people commit to sharing their lives forever, there will be seasons in which the relationship is close and satisfying, but there will also be times when one of you feels distant, angry, or just lonely. The default choice can be to check out, give up, or store up frustration. But in the end, it won't improve your marriage, and it will leave you longing for something more. God doesn't want you to settle for an empty marriage, and you don't have to! Join us for this series by Pete Briscoe, as he uses 1 Corinthians 13 to teach specific actions we can do today in order to change the dynamic of our marriages!

The class is free but you will need:


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